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The Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission provides juvenile justice personnel with up-to-date information on current trends and issues from both the state and national perspectives through specialized publications. Several of the publications available are the result of efforts by Commission staff and/or stakeholders, while others are the result of work completed by nationally-renowned researchers and practitioners. These publications exist to advance juvenile justice personnel’s knowledge and expertise, and to enhance their skills when interacting with juvenile offenders, families, victims, and communities.

MI Workbook.PNG

Motivational Interviewing Workbook (PDF)
CrossingBridges.PNG Crossing Bridges: A Sequel to Building Bridges Between Your Court and Your Community 
A Handbook for Community Involvement in Juvenile Justice Through Restorative Practices
Research in Brief - Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Recidivism Report - Juveniles with Cases Closed 2007-2012 (PDF)
Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Recidivism Report -Juveniles with Cases Closed 2007-2012 (PDF)
AdvancingBalancedRestorativeJustice.jpg ​Advancing Balanced and Restorative Justice Through Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (PDF)
PA Crime Victim Rights.PNG
EBP.PNG Evidence-Based Practice in Juvenile Justice – Bench Card (PDF)
Professional Alliance Traits – Bench Card (PDF)
Youth Level of Service and Case Plan – Bench Card (PDF)
Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP)  - Bench Card (PDF)
Motivational Interviewing - Bench Card (PDF)
Graduated Response Systems - Bench Card (PDF)
Act 198 of 2012.PNG
Considerations in Response to Pennsylvania’s Sexting Statute - Act 198 of 2012 (PDF)
(2nd edition) Published Jun 30, 2009, Jennifer Lowman, Esq. Education Law Center-Pa; Shari Mamas, Esq. (formerly with Education Law Center-Pa, now with the Disability Rights Network of Pa)
a_family_guide_to_pennsylvanias_juvenile_justice_system_1__1.jpg A Family Guide to Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System (PDF)

Benchmarking Pennsylvania's Juvenile Recidivism Rate (PDF)
an_examination_of_barj_services_image.jpg An Examination of BARJ Services in Four Pennsylvania Counties (PDF)
dmc_final_report_august_2013.jpg Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)
Monitoring, Reduction and Prevention Efforts
guidelines_for_collecting_graphic.jpg Guidelines for Collecting and Recording the Race & Ethnicity of Juveniles (PDF)
new_employee_manual_graphic.jpg New Employee Manual for Probation Officers (PDF) 
new_employee_manual_supervisor_graphic.jpg New Employee Manual for Supervisors (PDF)
recdivism.jpg Pennsylvania Recidivism Report Juveniles with Cases Closed in 2007-2010 (PDF)
redivism1.jpg Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Recidivism Report:
Juveniles with a 2007 Case Closure
framework.jpg PA JJSES Framework (PDF)
purpose.jpg JJSES Statement of Purpose (PDF)
jjses_monograph_graphic.jpg Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy Monograph (PDF) 
2011_pennsylvania_juvenile_outcome_measures_report_graphic.jpg Statewide Outcome Measures (PDF)  
benchbookcombined.jpg The Juvenile Delinquency Benchbook (PDF)
Mission Guiding Principles.PNG
Mission Guiding Principles (PDF)
bullyingprevention.jpg Integrating Bullying Prevention and Restorative Practices in Schools:
Considerations for Practitioners and Policymakers
motivationalinterviewingmanual.jpg Motivational Interviewing Manual_12-2015.pdf (PDF)
ExpungementHandbook.JPG Juvenile Delinquency Records Handbook and Expungement Guide (PDF)
Crime Victims Handbook.PNG Pennsylvania Crime Victims Rights and Corresponding Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure (PDF)