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Pennsylvania conference on juvenile justice

Morning Plenary Session 


Presenter: Robert Listenbee


Afternoon Plenary Session 


Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice: Enhancing Decision-Making, Case Planning and Service Delivery 

Presenter: Dr. Gina Vincent (PDF)



Advancing Balanced and Restorative Justice through the Juvenile Justice System
Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) 

Presenters: Susan Blackburn and Russell Carlino 

Implementing Motivational Interviewing in Pennsylvania 

Presenters: Debra Kopenhaver and Nick Caramenico 

Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) 

Presenters: Rena Kreimer, David Mueller, Steven Masciantonio and Dana Shoenberg 

Effective Case Planning Utilizing the Youth Level of Service (YLS) 

Assessment Presenters: Elizabeth Fritz and Fabiola Gerhard 

Pennsylvania’s Recidivism Project: Implications and Next Steps 

Presenter: Justine Fowler 

The Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training (PACTT) Initiative 

Presenters: David Dickson and Susan Will 

Juvenile Justice Evidence-Based Practices 101 

Presenter: Richard Steele 

How Health Care Reform Can Help Children & Families In The Juvenile Justice System 

Presenter: Ann Bacharach 

Enhancing our Response to Crime Victims 

Presenters: Valerie Bender and Teresa Wilcox

Implementing the Four Core Competencies: Professional Alliance; Skill Practice; Case PLanning; and rewards and sanctions 

Presenters: Nicole Mattern and Leo Lutz 

Developing a Graduated Response Model and Disposition Matrix 

Presenters: Barbara Dancy and Laurie Hague 

Aggression Replacement Training: A Cognitive Behavioral Intervention

Presenter: Mark Amendola 

The Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP): Evaluating the Effectiveness of Juvenile justice intervention

Presenters: Meghan Blevins, Lisa Freese and Jeff Gregro 

Keys to Effective Diversion Policies, Practices and Programs 

Presenters: Jack Carroll, Don Corry, Renee Merion, Linnette Paris, Justin Pittman and Sam Miller

Strategies to Support and Engage Families 

Presenters: Mark Benedetto, Wendy Luckenbill and Kelly Waltman-Spreha