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The Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research coordinates and presents training seminars each year to more than 3,000 juvenile probation officers, juvenile court judges, and staff from both private and public residential facilities. Programs are designed to enhance participants’ skills in working with juvenile offenders and in the administration of services. Professionals from juvenile justice, youth service, education, and/or related fields are all welcome to attend the programs 

The majority of the in-person workshop offerings are hosted in the mid-State, either in Harrisburg area or State College, and the schedule is divided into Spring and Fall training seasons. 

The Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research is an approved Training Institute with the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB). As such, our training may be counted toward meeting the CAC, ACAC and other credentialed certification educational requirements. Continuing education credit is also available for licensed social workers (LCSW, LSW) and marital and family therapists (MFT) for many of the workshops.

For more information, please visit our staff development schedule at

We also have a selection of online courses available to the public free of charge. They can be accessed by clicking on the titles listed below. 

Note: While these courses are fully functioning informational versions of the courses, they will not accrue training credit from the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission upon completion. We only support using Microsoft PC with  Internet Explorer for accurate results. 

Educational Aftercare Training for Juvenile Justice Professionals_pv2 ​
The course is designed to increase the learner’s awareness of a youth’s educational rights, to assist juvenile probation officers understanding of the obligations of juvenile facilities, help juvenile probation departments understand unique issues for at-risk populations, and learn about available resources. ​
JJSES 101_pv2​ 
This course provides a brief overview of the Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (JJSES) Framework.  It outlines the history of JJSES implementation in Pennsylvania, information on the statement of purpose, and educates the learner on the four stages of JJSES and the accompanying activities in each stage. ​
PA Juvenile Act and Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure_pv2​ ​
This course outlines the history leading to the establishment of, and the case law that shaped juvenile courts in America.  The course also covers the history of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act and Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure.  Additionally, the training will cover the powers, duties, and responsibilities of a Juvenile Probation Officer.  ​
YLS 2.0 Conversion Training_pv1​ ​
This course provides information on the differences and updates between the original YLS and YLS 2.0.  This training will expose YLS Master Trainers to the materials and information needed to prepare staff for the conversion to YLS 2.0 and provide a framework for Master Trainers to deliver this information to staff.​

The Juvenile Court Hearing Officers Certification Courses offered are listed below:
  • Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Certification for Delinquency Proceedings
  • Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Certification for Dependency Proceedings
For access to these courses please submit the form below to