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Research & Statistics

In an effort to help reduce juvenile delinquency, the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission (JCJC) is committed to providing high-value, data-driven knowledge to both the public and system stakeholders.  Even though Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system is de-centralized, all 67 juvenile probation departments utilize the JCJC’s Pennsylvania Juvenile Case Management System (PaJCMS). As a result, the Commission is uniquely situated to gather, analyze, and report statewide and county-level data related to various juvenile justice practices and policies in place in the Commonwealth.

To accomplish the system’s goal of being data-driven, the JCJC releases a series of reports and analyses each year. For instance, the Commission releases its Outcome Measures report, Annual Report (formally the Disposition Report), and Recidivism Report on an annual basis. The Commission also completes ad hoc analyses based on system needs, such as examining females in the juvenile justice system and adherence to the Youth Level of Service (YLS) policy. Additionally, the Commission maintains publicly available dashboards on its website, which provide a broad array of stakeholders with an interactive platform to find out basic information about how the juvenile justice system is functioning.  Finally, the Commission routinely compiles data to help inform proposed juvenile justice legislation.

The Commission also regularly partners with external researchers and universities to complete comprehensive research studies.  For more information on how to request data from the JCJC, please visit the Data Request page.